Eyelash Extensions & Brows

Come to Us for Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions and Impeccable Brows

Long-Lasting Voluminous Eyelashes 

The beauty of your eyes is enhanced by your eyelashes. If you want your eyes to catch the attention of everyone around you, come and try the eyelash extension services we provide at Tu Style Hair Salon & Spa. You're sure to be left amazed when you see yourself in the mirror with those long, luscious and fuller eyelashes. Visit us at 18 John St. today!

Various Eyelash Extensions We Offer

  • Volume Bottom Eyelash Extension
    Multiple lashes on bottom lashes to create a fuller look.
  • Eyelash Extensions Rehab
    Eyelash extension retouch for clients.
  • Eyelash Extensions
    Softer, silky lashes that radiantly resemble real mink fur. The soft, silky synthetic mink allows you to skip mascara altogether.

Get Your Eyebrows Threaded at Our Salon

You'll be surprised at how much more polished you look after having your eyebrows threaded at our clean and comfortable salon in Westminster, MD.

Check Out the Rates of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions

  • Full-set - $175.00 (2 hours)
  • Lash Refresher - $45.00 (1 hour)
Call us 
at 410-830-9396
to schedule an appointment for eyelash extensions
Our stylists specialize in haircuts for men and women, hair coloring, hair removal and eyelash extension services. You can also turn to us for facials and effective aromatherapy massage at our spa.
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